For over 30 years, Taylor Engineering has focused its attention on water-related issues and the effects of water resource activities on the environment.

Taylor Engineering

Our vision is to be the best in delivering leading-edge solutions to challenges in the water environment. We believe this vision can be achieved through living and working by our core values.

Vision and Values

Because we embrace integrity as a core value, we live by the ethics of our profession. We tell the truth – in reports, in proposals, and in marketing materials. While we always strive to put our best foot forward, we don’t claim expertise or specialized experience we don’t have. We don’t fudge technical data to influence results, and we use accepted engineering methods to get them. We don’t present to clients or other interested parties recommendations that we can’t support. We don’t gouge clients, even when they’re willing to pay more for a service than the service deserves. We recognize the political side of our business, but we don’t play politics at integrity’s expense.

Because we embrace service as a core value, we put our clients first. We identify their expectations and meet them. We give each project the technical attention it deserves without engaging in overkill. We meet negotiated deadlines. We communicate actively. We write in language the client understands. We respond to every reasonable request, even at our personal expense. We represent our clients’ best interests. When necessary, we educate our clients to the technical or ethical consequences of our work.

Because we embrace excellence as a core value, we strive to produce highly accurate work. We don’t take shortcuts. We make the fewest possible assumptions. We value and master technology that produces a more accurate and useful product. We improve our technical skills via conferences and classes. We publish to extend our profession’s body of knowledge.

Because we embrace responsibility as a core value, we commit to practices that keep our company financially healthy. We intend to make an honest profit on all our projects. We strive to keep our rates competitive. We don’t waste money. We invest wisely in the tools of our profession. We promptly pay our bills, especially those due our subcontractors. We fight for the money owed us. We keep an accurate account of our financial resources for tax and audit purposes.

Because we embrace teamwork as a core value, we work together to achieve our project and company goals. We see ourselves a stakeholders. Because we have a vested interest in the company’s success, we each take our fair share of responsibility for client service, professional integrity, technical excellence, and financial responsibility. To the greatest extent possible, we keep employee turnover to a minimum and develop our human resources by maintaining an atmosphere conducive to creativity, by providing challenging work, by giving everyone opportunities to achieve personal goals, and by publicly recognizing contributions to the company. We pay fair wages. We establish financial incentives such as the company ESOP, 401-K, and yearly bonuses. We see ourselves as assets worth nurturing.

Because we embrace commitment as a core value, we pledge to support our profession and community through charitable works. We seek to advance our profession and improve our community by volunteering our time and talent. We dedicate our time to assist our fellow community members in need. We accept this commitment without expectation of monetary gain.

Our Life Cycle Commitment

Guided by our vision and core values, we provide a life cycle commitment to the art and science of delivering sustainable solutions in the water environment.

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Letter from Dr. Taylor

In 1983 I founded Taylor Engineering with no contracts and a dream. Since then, the contracts have come and, I can proudly say, I have realized my dream. Today, Taylor Engineering comprises a vibrant employee-owned engineering organization, with three full service offices throughout Florida and local-service offices located in Georgia, Texas, and the U.S. Capital Region. From a narrowly specialized coastal engineering company, we have developed into an in-depth professional service organization able to address the full spectrum of engineering and environmental issues characteristic of interior watersheds, estuarine waters, and the continental shelf. This broadening of complimentary disciplines and expertise has evolved by design to provide our clients the suite of capabilities typically demanded by today’s multidisciplinary projects.

Consider Taylor Engineering if you seek superior service, creativity, technical excellence, honesty, and integrity. Verify our credentials for yourself. We stand by our reputation – it is our most important asset.