Delivering Leading-Edge Solutions

Through unmatched research, innovation, planning, modeling, and engineering capabilities Taylor Engineering has delivered leading-edge solutions to challenges facing the water environment for over 30 years.

Beach & Dune Restoration
Artificial Reefs
Living Shorelines / Greenshores
Wind & Wave Modeling
Storm Surge Analyses

Flood Risk Management
Stormwater Management
Mitigation Planning
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
Integrated Surface Water & Groundwater Modeling
Watershed Planning

Waterfront Redevelopment
Waterfront Recreation
Ports & Harbors Planning & Design
Marine Structures Engineering
Dredging & Dredged Material Management

Habitat Restoration & Protection
Sample Collection, Analysis, & Evaluation
Surveys, Monitoring, & Management
Assessments & Impact Studies
Water Quality Sciences
Wetlands Assessments, Mapping, Delineation, & Creation

GIS Database Design & Management
Digital Terrain Development
Custom GIS Applications
Diagnostic Modeling System
Taylor Tacklebox© 
Coastal Analyst©

Coastal Storm Risk & Damage Reduction
Wetland Reserve Plans of Operation
Dredged Material Management & Beneficial Use
Stormwater Management
Flood Risk Management
Coastal Armoring & Erosion

Featured Projects

<br>Okaloosa County Living Shorelines</br>

Okaloosa County Living Shorelines
*, Environmental
<br>Avenida Menendez Seawall</br>

Avenida Menendez Seawall
*, Waterfront
<br>Rookery Bay Estuary Restoration</br>

Rookery Bay Estuary Restoration
*, Water Resources
Walton County Coastal Management & Restoration
Walton County Coastal Management & Restoration
*, Coastal