<br>Bridge Hydraulic / Scour Studies</br>

Project Description

Taylor Engineering has conducted over 100 detailed bridge hydraulic studies for the Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina Departments of Transportation in support of bridge designs. These studies included modeling both stormwater flooding and hurricane surges in over 500 miles of complex riverine, estuarine, and coastal systems to design bridge abutment and shoreline protection systems and provide assistance to the bridge design teams. Extreme conditions affect many of these bridges located near tidal inlets where two-dimensional effects were simulated to improve the accuracy of scour calculations and scour countermeasure design. Taylor Engineering also has extensive experience in applying the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) scour procedures contained in the Hydraulic Engineering Circular publications (HEC-18, HEC-20, HEC-23, HEC-25, etc.). The company also has considerable experience in the development and application of the latest Florida bridge scour equations. Taylor Engineering has applied the latest Florida complex pier methodology at bridges throughout Florida as well as bridges in Mississippi and South Carolina.

Project Details

Over $1 million to date

Project Skills

  • Bridge Design Support
  • Computation of Local and Contraction Scour at Piers and Abutments
  • Historical Evaluation and Prediction of Rover Geomorphology
  • One- and Two-dimensional Hydraulic Modeling
  • Recommendations for Scour Protection
  • Simulation of Combined Stormwater Runoff and Hurricane Surge Flooding