<br>FL-8 Shoreline Stabilization</br>

Project Description

Taylor Engineering designed riprap bank stabilization for approximately 3,000 feet of shoreline along the Intracoastal Waterway in Flagler County, Florida. The property designated “FL-8” by the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) will become a future dredge material management site. However, FIND has left the land along the waterway as a vegetated buffer for public use. This waterfront property experiences severe erosion under the impact of constant boat wake. Taylor Engineering collected topographic field data and historical aerials to evaluate erosion patterns. Geotechnical subconsultants conducted a subsurface investigation to establish site foundation conditions. Taylor Engineering designed a complete revetment system to prevent erosion and protect the shoreline. Site plans also included a public pedestrian boardwalk along the shoreside and completion of grading and marsh grass vegetation plans. Taylor Engineering staff coordinated with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during the preparation of all permit applications. Following permitting, Taylor Engineering was responsible for the preparation of drawings and specifications, bidding, contractor selection, and construction oversight.

Project Details

Florida Inland NavigationDistrict

Project Skills

  • Boardwalk Design
  • Construction Observation
  • Pedestrian Bridge Design
  • Public Waterfront Access
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Site Development